At Dickory Dock Kids Childcare & Kinder we believe that children are unique and special beings. Each and every child has rights to be safe, happy, respected, natured and valued. Fostering self-esteem, self worth and freedom of expression are important and imperative in a child’s development.


Our philosophy is:

  • To create a secure, warm, happy and well supervised environment for every child.
  • To provide creative and educational programs based on children’s interests that help children to explore, experiment, learn and create.
  • To promote diversity in the environment that demonstrates respect and assists children in developing positive attitudes towards similarities and differences.
  • To acknowledge and connect with the local community that develops a sense of belonging for children and families.
  • To provide quality education and care that meet individual needs of children and their families. To develop collaborative partnership with families and involve families in the development of our programs and goals.